Curso practitioner PNL


Learn how to transform your life

NLP 4 – Annual or Intesive format

90 hours
Teachers: Trainers from the Spanish Association of PNL (AEPNL)

NLP is a powerful communication model for identifying and using our own untapped resources to improve the quality and effectiveness of our lives. NLP is often defined as «the art and science of personal excellence» and «the study of subjective experience».

Anyone can learn NLP and people often attend NLP Practitioner programmes to learn skills for themselves to use in their work, relationships, spiritual journey and more.


In this first level we will explore basic NLP strategies directly applicable to personal well-being, relationships, communication skills, health, HR, education, parenting, etc.

With the NLP Practitioner, you’ll be able to:

  • Enhance your Personal and Professional Relationships
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Learn to use language with greater precision and grace
  • Set powerful goals in your life, learn and apply new strategies to achieve them
  • Transform limiting beliefs, and set powerful ones
  • Train in dozens of enduring, elegant, proven patterns for accelerated human learning and personal growth
  • Awaken your innate talent
  • Discover and model the skills leading to excellence in different areas
  • Move from vision to action, aligning different levels of learning and change.

You will also discover that NLP  offers an amazing new paradigm which will change your life forever. See the world through NLP filters and a new universe is born before your eyes.



Rapport. Calibration and sensory acuity. Active listening. Representational systems. The Meta-model. Introduction to Milton Erickson. The three basic perceptual positions. Eye accessing cues.

Relationship Abilities / Change Patterns
Managing emotional states. Emotional Intelligence. Changing personal history. Anchors. Associated and dissociated states. Rapid phobia cure. Integration of Polarities. Conflict resolution. Reframing.

Personal Excellence and Creativity
Neurological levels. TOTE model. Values and life mission. Personal power. Circle of excellence. Disney creativity strategy. Ecology. Positive learning strategies and motivation. Submodalities for excellence. Timeline therapy. Well-formed outcomes.


Group dynamics to promote generative learning. Demonstrations and brief theoretical presentations to facilitate the understanding of course content. Active participation by each participant. Practical experiences in the management of resources, techniques and skills presented in each session. Ongoing support to the student by the team of trainers throughout the course.


Certified Trainers from the Spanish Association of NLP (AEPNL)

Robert Long

Robert Long

Certified NLP Trainer AEPNL. Specialist in theatre and education (USA). HR Consultant. Author of multimedia learning kits. Director. Actor. Scriptwriter.
Trained in the following programs: Trance Camp, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Generative Trance (Stephen Gilligan). Appreciative Inquiry (Miriam Subirana and Anne Radford). Relational Coaching (Joan Quintana). Agents for Transformation (Eugenio Molini). Metaphors (John Grinder, Carmen Bostic, Pilar Morales). Transactional Analysis Applied to organizations (Mercedes Saez). The Hero’s Journey, generative change. (Robert Dilts, Stephen Gilligan). Introduction to Integrative Psychotherapy (SAT Program).

Eulalia Robert PNL Barcelona

Eulalia Robert

Anthropologist (University of Barcelona), Certified NLP Trainer and Coach AEPNL.
Trained in the following programs: Trance Camp, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Generative Trance (Stephen Gilligan), Generative Coaching (Robert Dilts, Stephen Gilligan), Coaching New Code NLP (John Grinder, Carmen Bostic), Metaphors for life (Richard Bandler), Generative Collaboration (Robert Dilts, Stephen Gilligan), Somatic Syntaxes (Judith DeLozier), Metaphors for transformation and modelling (David Gordon), Clean language Coaching (Steven Saunders), Corporal Expression (Anton Font), Conflict Resolution (Vivian Gama).


PNL Barcelona, Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes, 568  principal primera – Barcelona  (close to Plaça Universitat)