From the 30th July to the  2nd August we will offer an intensive introduction to the foundation and strategies of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) for personal and professional applications.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) explores the dynamic interaction between the nervous system (neuro) and verbal and non-verbal language (linguistic) and how that interaction is organized by mental processes, mostly unconscious, (programming) which to a large degree influence our thoughts, feelings and behaviour.
A powerful communication model for identifying and using our own untapped resources to improve the quality and effectiveness of our lives, NLP is often defined as “the art and science of personal excellence” and “the study of subjective experience.”
The “magic” of NLP consists in identifying the relationship between patterns of behaviour and the subjective experiences underlying them in order to induce changes, increase choice, enhance emotional intelligence, develop skills in communication, conflict resformed outcomes and creativity.

The course will be taught by Robert Long. With the NLP Practitioner, you’ll be able to:

Enhance your personal and professional relationships
• Develop confidence
• Learn to use language with greater precision and grace
• Set powerful outcomes/goals in your life, and apply strategies to achieve them
• Transform limiting beliefs, and set powerful ones
• Train in dozens of enduring, elegant, proven patterns for accelerated human learning and personal growth/change
• Awaken your innate talent
• Discover and model the skills leading to excellence in different areas
• Move from vision to action, aligning different levels of learning and change.


Fechas: Del 30 de Julio al 2 de agosto.

Horario. 10-19h

Precio: 395€. Descuento para ex-alumnos

Fecha límite inscripción: 25 Julio

Para más información, contáctanos.

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